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Peer Reviewed Conference Article

* denotes the equal contributions, † denotes the corresponding author
ArtFL:Exploiting Data Resolution in Federated Learning for Dynamic Runtime Inference via Multi-Scale Training

Siyang Jiang*, Xian Shuai*, Guoliang Xing

ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2024), Accept rate: 21.50%, 20 out of 93.

Incremental Reinforcement Learning with Dual-Adaptive ϵ-greedy Exploration

Wei Ding*, Siyang Jiang*, Hsi-Wen Chen*, Ming-Syan Chen

Thirty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2023). Accept rate: 19.60%, 1721 out of 8777
* denotes the equal contribution.

Rethinking The Implementation Tricks And Monotonicity Constraint In Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Jian Hu, Siyin Wang, Siyang Jiang†, Weixun Wang

International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2023).

PGADA:Perturbation-Guided Adversarial Alignment for Few-shot Learning Under the Support-Query Shift

Siyang Jiang, Wei Ding, Hsi-Wen Chen, Ming-Syan Chen

26th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD, 2022). Accept rate: 19.30%, 121 out of 627.

Dual-Triangular QR Decomposition with Global Acceleration and Partially Q-Rotation Skipping

Rui Fang, Siyang Jiang, Hsi-Wen Chen, Wei Ding and Ming-Syan Chen

IEEE International Conference on Field Programmable Technology (FPT 2022).

BalanceFL: Addressing Class Imbalance in Long-tail Federated Learning

Xian Shuai, Yulin Shen, Siyang Jiang, Zhihe Zhao, Zhenyu Yan, Guoliang Xing

ACM/IEEE Intermational Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2022). Accept rate: 30.15%, 38 out of 126.

Dataflow Systolic Array Implementations of Exploring Dual-Triangular Structure in QR Decomposition Using High-Level Synthesis

Siyang Jiang, Hsi-Wen Chen, Ming-Syan Chen

IEEE International Conference on Field Programmable Technology (FPT 2021). Accept rate: 22.22%, 32 out of 144

Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Efficiency Optimization Techniques in Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning with Homomorphic Encryption: A Brief Survey

Qipeng Xie, Siyang Jiang, Linshan Jiang, Yongzhi Huang, Zhihe Zhao, Salabat Khan, Wangchen Dai, Zhe Liu, Kaishun Wu

IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IEEE IoT-J 2024, CAS Q1, JCR Q1, IF = 10.6).

Pairwise learning problems with regularization networks and Nyström subsampling approach

Cheng Wang, Ting Hu, Siyang Jiang

Neural Networks (NN 2023, CAS Q1, JCR Q1, IF=9.657)

LiCAM: Long-Tailed Instance Segmentation with Real-Time Classification Accuracy Monitoring

Rongguang Ye, Yantong Guo, Xian Shuai, Rongye Ye, Siyang Jiang†, Hui Jiang†

Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, (JSCS 2022, JCR Q3, IF = 1.333)

Peer Reviewed Poster and Demo Article

Demo: CaringFM: An Interactive In-home Healthcare System Empowered by Large Foundation Models

Haiyang Wu, Kaiwei Liu, Siyang Jiang, Zhihe Zhao, Zhenyu Yan, Guoliang Xing

In Proceedings of IEEE/ACM IPSN 2024.

Poster: Threshold Cryptography-based Authentication Protocol for Remote Healthcare

Qipeng Xie, Zhihe Zhao, Linshan Jiang, Siyang Jiang, Salabat Khan, Kaishun Wu, Weizheng Wang

In Proceedings of IEEE/ACM IPSN 2024.

Poster: CNN-guardian: Secure Neural Network Inference Acceleration on Edge GPU.

Qipeng Xie, Hao Yang, Linshan Jiang, Zhihe Zhao, Siyang Jiang, Shiyu Shen, Salabat Khan,Zhe Liu, Kaishun Wu.

In Proceedings of ACM Sensys 2023.

Preprints (Not Peer Reviewed)

Model-Heterogeneous Federated Learning for Internet of Things: Enabling Technologies and Future Directions.

Boyu Fan, Siyang Jiang, Xiang Su, Pan Hui.

arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.12091

XNET: A RealTime Unified Secure Inference Framework Using Homomorphic Encryption.

Hao Yang, Shiyu Shen,Siyang Jiang, Lu Zhou, Wangchen Dai, Yunlei Zhao.

Cryptology ePrint Archive.

DrHouse: An LLM-empowered Diagnostic Reasoning System through Harnessing Outcomes from Sensor Data and Expert Knowledge

Bufang Yang*, Siyang Jiang*, Lilin Xu, Kaiwei Liu, Hai Li, Guoliang Xing, HongKai Chem, Xiaofan Jiang, Zhenyu Yan